Glitches on WordPress are so frustrating.

The worst glitch for me is that the ‘Followed site reader’, is so hit and miss.  Sometimes I check first thing in the morning, only to find 30 minutes of blog posts, and then 12 hours back.  This means I have to go to my ‘social’ email, and go back over that time period to see who wrote posts.  Having 2,169 followers means that my list can be pretty long.

I have had a couple of times over the past month when my photos won’t load.  Hopefully that is back to normal.

On my phone, I am getting ‘WordPress has stopped working’ on a daily basis.  I go out, and come back, and then it may do it once more, before coming back.

Is everyone getting the same glitches, or even different ones?

So I am apologizing if I have missed some of my followers recently.  Even spending 8 hours a day, I still can’t pick everyone up, without the help from WordPress.


  1. Yes. I’m getting them too. So frustrating. I don’t have nearly your followers but it brightens my day so much to see my visit count tick up and them some days it just dies. Bummer to the highest degree.

    I know in the grand scheme I’m attaching relevance to something 100 years from now no one will care about but right now I care. Lol.

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  2. I have not encountered a lot of glitches. I write from my computer at home. I don’t do WordPress on my phone. I scroll down the Reader wall and pick up the posts of those I follow. I would relax and pick up the ones you can! No one expects you to read all of their posts. I pick up yours on my Reader wall.

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  3. I get glitches too, like lately it keeps telling me I’m not following a blog when I have been for quite a while and it won’t let me like either, I’ve had that problem with your blog for a couple weeks now, some times I can, and sometimes I can’t. WordPress is no help either.

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  4. No, I am happy to say, Susie, that I don’t have any probs with WP. But then I only use my PC for posting, checking the reader, commenting and replying. The only time I use the app on my iphone is when I’m out. I look to see if I need to reply to someone (which I leave until I’m home) or I tick the ‘like’ button if someone has left a comment. That’s about it!!!.
    All in all, Susie, I’m a happy blogger! 🙂
    Sorry though, to read ’bout your experiences. Here’s hoping for a better future!

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  5. I am also experiencing this! It’s annoying because Tags don’t seem to work well either. I’ll see someone post about the Avengers movie in my Followed Sites feed that will disappear as soon as the load completes. But I can’t find it when I scroll down. Searching for keyword ‘Avengers’ also doesn’t work because I get posts from weeks ago. I love WordPress but their search features are awful in age of Google convenience.

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  6. I do so empathize. I’m 87 and have become very slow at reading. It’s hard to keep up with approximately 175 followers. I try. I really, really do try. But some days it is impossible. I’m promising myself to do better in future. Thanks for this article. At least I know I’m not alone.

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