I needed a better alarm clock so got the Juboos Silent Alarm Clock.

A couple of weeks back I bought the Westclox 11611 Authentic 1964 Baby Ben Classic Alarm Clock, and it just didn’t do enough for me.  My husband couldn’t see it at night, and I had to get really close, to read the dial.  I could hear the ticking, but probably  would have got used to it.

I was offered the Juboos Silent Non Ticking Analog Alarm Clock with Nightlight Snooze Travel Alarm Clock Silent Sweep Second Hand, Lightweight Analog Quartz Clocks for Bedrooms (Blue) to test.

I have to say that this non ticking clock has everything that I need in an alarm clock.  It is small, which allows me other things on my nightstand.  It has a face that lights up so I can read it from my side of the bed, and also a nightlight if needed.

It is so simple to use.  It has a turn dial on the back for the time, and a second for the alarm.  It has an on/off switch for the alarm.  It also has a snooze button on the top.

The numbers are big, and I love the silent sweeping seconds hand.  It has all that I need in a compact alarm clock.

From the Amazon webpage: ‘❤️NEW ARRIVAL PROMOTION ❤️★ SMALL ANALOGUE ALARM ★: travel alarm Product size: 8.4 * 3.4 * 8.7 cm, does not tick, the light is not too bright and the wake-up volume is good. Easy to store. It is pretty compact and convenient. Perfect – small and quiet table clock alarm clock. ‘

The price is down to $9.99 for this Quartz alarm clock, and although I got mine for free, I feel it is reasonably priced.



  1. Been freelance for around 27 years. Did reviews on Epinions until it closed, then Amazon until they wiped my account. I know so many sellers over the years, and groups. Some offer discounts, and others free.


  2. Nice! They wiped your account? Why? Ugghh. These commerce sights are such asses to sellers and affiliates. I sell on eBay and Amazon and I get so angry at their blatant disregard for anything but their bottom line.

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