Lady injured at the gym today.

At Infinity we had signs saying if you move something, please put it back in it’s place.

Today a lady at the new gym went through one of the walkways where someone had left a stepper. Obviously she wasn’t expecting it to be there, and didn’t see it.

We all heard the thud when she went down, and her yelling out in pain.

The staff were there immediately to help, and call 911. She was taken in an ambulance to be checked out.

So I am writing this, pleading with any gym rats to please put everything back, then accidents like this, won’t happen again.

I pray she is okay.


  1. Oh dear. I remember when we used to do Ladies Leisure Morning ( creche provided ) . Trampolining was our favourite, but one time woman on the trampoline sudenly started screaming ‘t’s Gone’. Some claimed to have herard the snap… her tendon had snapped!

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  2. I just got back from the gym. No accidents but I’m really on one guy’s butt about cleaning the equipment after he’s done. He claims the equipment doesn’t need cleaning and I keep saying I don’t want to catch anything nasty. 😏

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