Today Body Combat and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Easy isn’t a word I know.  Yesterday an instructor came table to table at the gym, and spoke about her classes.  She suggested that we check them out.  So today we did. My husband sat on a chair, and watched for awhile, while I did the first half of the class.

It was fast paced, and enjoyable.  The only problem was with my right knee, when she started doing squats, and kneeling on the floor.  That’s when I left the class.  I got to do lots of punching, and kicking.

I drove my husband home, and then went for my Thursday Muay Thai Kickboxing, at loadmoreplate.  After my 30 minutes I am gasping for air, spent of all my energy, and like today, had to have a glucose tablet before leaving.  I am always asked ‘If there was anything more I could have done’.  Once my breath is back the answer is always ‘No’, as we totally killed the session.

I can’t tell you the joy boxing, and kickboxing brings into my life.  My stress level is zero when I come out.



  1. Lol. I have the opposite problem. I can’t muster the energy for high intensity anymore besides maybe interval running and even then not for very long. Sex is now my main sport. Lol

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