Great morning’s football, and will relate to the top teams.

From getting up this morning, I was so undecided as to whether I would go to Zumba, or stay home, and watch the 2 matches that are so important to the top of the Premier League.

Being English, football was the winner.  We are now in the 82nd minute of the Crystal Palace – Manchester City game, and City are up 2 – 1.  If this score stands then Manchester City will go above Liverpool, and be on top of the league.  However, the next game is Liverpool – Chelsea, and if Liverpool win, they will go back on top.

Chelsea are in 4th place, and if they win, they will go above Spurs, into 3rd place.  Arsenal play tomorrow, and depending on the outcome of the Chelsea game, and their game against Watford, they could be as high as 3rd, or remain in 6th.

With only a few games left in the 2018/2019 year, every match counts.

We will be going down to the gym this afternoon, but of course, no classes for me.  Yesterday I was boxing, that is why I had planned Zumba for today.  After the gym I will also go for a walk, or play table tennis tonight.


  1. I am rooting for Liverpool to win this, I still think Manchester City will drop points when they play Tottenham or United in the next few weeks and Liverpool will take it on from there, especially if they win this match against Chelsea. – Cezane

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  2. I’m a Man U supporter but would quite like to see Liverpool win the Premiership – since there’s no chance we’re going to get there this year. There’s so little between those top two teams, it could go either way. Very exciting! ⚽😃

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