Trying to cover my WordPress Premium cost with WordAds.

When I first started back in May of 2,016 I had the free WordPress plan.  As I was doing so many more reviews then, I was using up my allotted storage quickly.  I then went for the cheapest paid plan, that allowed me to remove the ‘WordPress’ from my blog URL.

Even compressing my photos, I was getting close to using my storage back in September of last year.  I had no choice but to go for the Premium plan, that costs $8 a month, paid yearly.  With this plan I could use their WordAds, and was hoping that it would cover the cost of my blog.

November, and December were good months, and I was excited that if it carried on, I wouldn’t be out of pocket.  January, February, and March went really downhill, but all of a sudden my blog took a huge turn at the beginning of this month.  I have already had as many views as last month, and we are only halfway through.

The ad views have been between 600 and 1,300 a day, and although the average CMP changes daily, I am feeling that I have hit the number I need to finally pay for my blog.  It’s taken me 3 years to do so.

I am sure many are making good money on their blogs, but I am happy to break even.  Maybe towards the end of the year I might even make some money.  Who knows?

I wrote this to give new bloggers an idea of what I have achieved over my 3 year period here on WordPress.


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