Trying to cover my WordPress Premium cost with WordAds.

When I first started back in May of 2,016 I had the free WordPress plan.  As I was doing so many more reviews then, I was using up my allotted storage quickly.  I then went for the cheapest paid plan, that allowed me to remove the ‘WordPress’ from my blog URL.

Even compressing my photos, I was getting close to using my storage back in September of last year.  I had no choice but to go for the Premium plan, that costs $8 a month, paid yearly.  With this plan I could use their WordAds, and was hoping that it would cover the cost of my blog.

November, and December were good months, and I was excited that if it carried on, I wouldn’t be out of pocket.  January, February, and March went really downhill, but all of a sudden my blog took a huge turn at the beginning of this month.  I have already had as many views as last month, and we are only halfway through.

The ad views have been between 600 and 1,300 a day, and although the average CMP changes daily, I am feeling that I have hit the number I need to finally pay for my blog.  It’s taken me 3 years to do so.

I am sure many are making good money on their blogs, but I am happy to break even.  Maybe towards the end of the year I might even make some money.  Who knows?

I wrote this to give new bloggers an idea of what I have achieved over my 3 year period here on WordPress.


  1. That is really great! I wish mine would take off like that – it is probably my limited subject material. I only get 100 – 150 views a day. Maybe one day I can get as much traffic as you because that is really great. Great job on your blog! It is awesome!

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  2. That’s awesome! May will complete my first year and I’m at the 100-150 per day mark and just hit 200 followers. I’ll keep working toward your accomplishments too! Thanks you’re very inspiring in blogging and working out!

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  3. Hi Debbie, may I ask which ad company you use? and how many views you have daily?, I am a newbie on this blogging business, and even thought I have great content on my blog and decent daily views, I feel I am not doing much, best regards Zadi.

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  4. Hi Zadi: I have WordAds which comes with WordPress plan I think it’s called Premium. It was about $100 for a year and you can drop the from your blog’s website address. I just started posting again MWF and reblogging others posts on weekends. August 2018 to January of this year I was not consistent due to my work schedule.

    WordAds since May 2018 I have earned $3.15 in one year!

    My past 7 day average views was 75 per day. Unless you have 1,000+ a day there really isn’t any money to be made with WordAds. Plus you only get “paid” from WordAds once your reach $100!

    I don’t use this blog to make money now. I may in the future, but have to decide how and what kind of time I have to dedicate. Also, to promote a blog takes more money. Most services are a monthly fee too. You have to think about how much money do you want to spend. I do it for fun and I love sharing the tips. 😊. I’d love to make some money from it but haven’t quite figured it out yet.

    Good luck and I’ll check out your blog tonight.

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  5. Hi Oristel, yes the past 8 months have been extremely hectic with work and business travel! I think work is settling down, but it takes one person getting promoted or quitting and the hectic days are back!

    I read a few of your posts and am intrigued to read more. It’s only 8:30am in Ohio so I will read more later when I’m more awake and had coffee! 😊 thanks!

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  6. Hi Debbie, thanks so much for the reply, and checking and reading my blog ! Happy Easter!

    Yes, I can imagine how full your plate is. Wow. But, the good thing is, you are doing. And you are not merely walking and being lost all the time. So, keep doing, keep moving!


  7. Wow, congrats on your blog. I’m nowhere near that, not even close. I’m wondering if Facebook would garner the most views? Could that be why?

    Keep up the good work and blogging!!

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