A new boxing trainee this morning.

A lady I have talked to at both gyms was reluctant to try Zumba. I talked her into doing it the other day, and she loved it.

So today she looked into a class, and saw mats, and weights. She came to me as she wasn’t sure.

I had my boxing wraps on, so suggested she try it out. First off she said ‘No’, and I explained that I would show her the stance, how to protect herself, and 3 basic moves. She agreed, so I went out to my car, and got her wraps, and gloves.

I spent a long time with the stance, and gloves up.  With the jab, I make sure that it comes back, before going again.   We do it slow to get it right.  We also did 2 other combinations.  Then went back over them again.  It took around 20 minutes, and she loved it.

As we were about the walk away, a guy my age stopped us, and said that wouldn’t work, and we needed to get into the bag, with arms, etc.  I think he thought I was stupid.  I informed him it was the first time she had put gloves on, and that over the next weeks she will be learning a lot more.  He continued to go on about what he knew, and I walked up to him, looked him straight in the eyes, put my hands on his shoulders, and brought my knee up within inches of his ……….  He said that as I was looking into his face, he didn’t expect it.  I said that’s why I wanted to show you.

Later after doing some more working out on my own, I was getting reading to leave, and he said that I should be an ambassador for the gym, as I was in fantastic shape, and never stopped.  Nice that he changed his tune.

Had a quick protein shake, and then back out again to Loadmoreplate for boxing with my trainer.  Fantastic morning.

Today Body Combat and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

You have earned your battle scars!



  1. Love reading your posts. You inspire me to exercise. Maybe one day. 🙂 , but then, on the other hand, I spent all day with the kids at the shopping mall walking. That’s a start. 🙂

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