There is the love of a child for a parent. The earliest stage.

Love for friends.

Love for pets/animals.

Your first love, or should I say ‘crush’.

Love of a husband/wife.

Love for your children, then grandchildren etc.

If you are religious, love for God, depending on your faith.

So what stage of love are you in?

We are in the later stages of love, where we can be ourselves, be spontaneous at times, fun other times, and comfortable just being together. Sometimes we don’t need to speak to know what the other one wants, or needs.

Love can be a hug, cuddle, a squeeze, tap on the bum, or rumpy-pumpy, as it is sometimes called.

Love is – saying I love you, often. That is truly being loved.


  1. Lovely photo. Love that spans decades does not survive without hard work and communication. But it is what makes life worth living. It is fun and inspiring and comforting and always entertaining! thanks for this post Susie!

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