Easter dinner, and the beach.

We had planned on going to Cody’s Roadhouse grill for lunch today.  They had turkey, lamb. and other roasted meats on the menu.  I was planning on the roast lamb, and they had cheesecake for dessert.

With hubby being diabetic, I phoned to see if we could make reservations, or call ahead, and the answer was ‘No’, as it’s a holiday.  I asked if there were people waiting, and of course, there were.

We decided to go to an Italian restaurant, just a short drive away, as hubby loves their meatball parmesan sub.  I chose the small antipasti salad.  We waited, and waited, then finally our server came to the table.  She said that the system had gone down when putting our order in, and it hadn’t gone through.  Therefore, we could have gone for the 3 course lunch, as the waiting time would probably have been the same.

We both ate half our meals, and brought the rest back.

I have just had a really long walk on the beach, along the water’s edge.  Several Police cars where crawling along the beach, and a helicopter above.  They were trying to find a 6 year old boy, with blue shorts, that was missing.  I pray that they find him.  That is the first time in 30 years I have seen that.  You may be able to see the Police cars in the left photo.

The weather is still cool for Florida, and breezy.  Yes, we had the heating on last night, and this morning.


  1. Sounds like a rough day. I like leftovers because it means no cooking later. Hope you enjoyed them later.
    I hope they find the boy too. His parents must be frantic.

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