Last night was a pretty sunset.

We stayed last night so that we could talk to the Manager of our timeshare, and also speak to owners before the ‘Meet and Greet, coffee and donut breakfast.

I am so pleased that we did, as it was a warmer day yesterday, and I got to see another sunset.

Today, it was up early, get packed, and everything into the car.  We got away on time, and I had a good drive from Treasure Island, north to Holiday, where my husband signs the checks for the timeshare.

From here I drove him to the electro-cardiologist, who confirmed his heart attack on the 25th of last month.  The defibrillator went off, and saved his life.  He asked what happened, I explained, and he said that I knew exactly what I was doing.

We are home now, I have put the fridge/freezer food away, and will unpack later.  The rest of the day is going to be easy, as being away from home is very stressful for my husband.  In turn it puts pressure on me.


  1. Yeah. Relationships offer a lot of support but also stress and responsibility. It’s not always easy and yet…. worthwhile I suppose or we wouldn’t all be wanting to keep at it.

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  2. After 41 years I can’t imagine there are too many surprises, but definitely a whole lot of memories. I’ll never have that so I can’t begin to imagine. Everything has it’s pluses and minuses but to have that much history and life with someone must have it’s beauty. Hopefully. No?

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  3. Oh no!! I’m so sorry. Brain damage can cause severe personality changes too. Can’t it? Wow! He is lucky to have you.

    And you’re lucky to have that huge supply of inner strength and determination to not let that stop you and deter you from following your ambition and happiness. Good for you. Inspiring in so many ways!! 🙏🏽💖

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