Different smile for me.

Today was my fourth visit to Aspen Dental, and 4 weeks from start to finish.  I had around a 20 minute wait, before being called in.

My dentures were put in my mouth, and the top ones fell down.  I told the lady that I have never had to wear a fixative in the 50 years I have worn them.  So I waited for someone else to come in.  She pushed the top ones so high up, that I cringed with the pain on the left side.  She went back and forth several times, with the dentures, to alleviate the pain.  It was hard to say that the spot had gone because my gums were sore.

Then she had to deal with the top ones keep falling down.  I had to talk, and then more adjustments, and when I laughed she saw that the top lip was pushing them down.  Then she took some of the thickness off the top, above the lip.

They are staying in place now.

I have an appointment next week for any adjustments that are needed.  If there are none, I can cancel.   Of course I had to pay the final 40% owed on them.

I have had a protein shake, with banana, and Spirulina powder (greens) for my lunch.


  1. Goodness, what a stressful day you’ve had, Susie. Dentists cost the earth in the UK now and it’s almost impossible to find an NHS one these days. I hope all goes well and you don’t need that follow-up appointment!

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  2. You sure don’t want your dentures falling down when you flash your pretty smile! I know when I first got mine quite a few years ago, it was back and forth to the dentist to make adjustments for the right fit. I’m sure yours will soon be just right, and any soreness will be gone. 🙂

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