Had these leggings over a year, and still as good as new.

I am about to scream with WordPress, and all the problems we are getting lately.

I wore these leggings to a Zumba class at the new gym today, and it was a substitute instructor.  We did a couple of dances, and she said out load ‘I love your leggings’, so I bent over, and turned around for all to see.

I was going to reblog the original review, but WordPress will only show the first few posts for each month.  I tried a year of posts, and it wouldn’t complete a whole month of posts for me to click on.

Yes, I have loads of different leggings, and Capris for the gym, and love showing them off.

At least I have the Amazon link for them.



  1. Still love this photo. Does WordPress not give you an option of “older posts” at the bottom of the month of posts? That is how I get to the older posts of any past month.

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