Arsenal were a total flop today.

We were watching the 7 a.m. game today, between Leicester City and Arsenal, while sitting up in bed.  Even my cup of hot milky coffee didn’t make me happy, as Arsenal got a red card u the 36th minute.  The 2 tackles for the yellow cards = a red, weren’t as bad as the foul from Leicester that gave an Arsenal player a cut on the forehead, and studs in the chest.  Not even a card for that one.  I was surprised because I respect this long standing referee.

Anyway Leicester went on to win 3 – 0.  This was due to Arsenals lack of luster, and only playing with ten men.

Now it’s Burney and Manchester City.  The first half was very even, but in the second half City are piling on the pressure.  If City loose they will stay in second place, draw they will go on top with goal difference.

The game I am waiting on is the 11.30 one, Manchester United against Chelsea.  Chelsea are in 4th place, and United in 6th.  If Chelsea win they will still remain 4th, but with the same amount of points as Spurs.  If United win they will go above Arsenal, by 1 point.

Hubby is so upset that Arsenal lost, that he is praying United also loose, so that Arsenal retain 5th place.

Thank goodness I have low blood pressure.

Update. 63rd minute Aguero scored for Manchester City.


  1. Thanks for sharing a part of your day!.. 🙂 not into football myself though it can be interesting… today, it is a peaceful sunny morning, I am sipping on a cup of green tea, no stress, no high blood pressure or rapid beating of the heart and relaxing… I WIN!.. 🙂 🙂

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