Does it say trainer, instructor, or yes I can help you with your needs, on my top, at the gym.

I have now been at the new gym for 4 weeks, and for the first couple of weeks I was seeing people from my old gym, and saying ‘Hi’ to new faces.

The past 2 weeks people have been coming up to me, and asking questions, or for my help.

I had the lady that had just been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  She was asking me what exercises she could do to strengthen her bones.  Not only did I tell her, but also what she had to cut out, caffeine and alcohol, and eat/drink more of, to regain bone.  I reversed mine completely in 18 years.

Then I had another one ask what classes she should take, as she was new to the gym, and didn’t know what would be good for a beginner.

I was on the arm machines, and a lady came up, and asked me what machine was best for a particular area.  I showed her the one, and then how to use it.  From then she followed me from machine to machine.

I have had more ladies interested in boxing, and that is fine as long as they put up the 2 other bags they have.  It’s my pleasure to show them how to do basic boxing.

Today I had finished boxing, and was cooling down, when 2 ladies came up to me, and asked if I would show them how to gain muscle.  I continued my cool down, but pointed to the area that they needed to be in, and told them what weights to start with, and 6 exercises.

If I liked tattoos, I would have one on my forehead saying, ‘Yes, I answer all your questions’.


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