Dental update.

To continue on from my diet, that I wrote on Monday.  I did manage a little chicken, cut up really small, with minimal chewing.  Then I had cottage cheese for my teatime snack.  Followed by a Greek yohurt.

Tuesday I went back to oatmeal, with raisons, and sliced banana.  Lunchtime was a chicken salad sandwich, and I managed half of it.  In the evening I made biscuits and gravy, which is hubby’s favorite.  I had no problem eating that whatsoever.  Yet another Greek yoghurt for dessert.

Yesterday was my cereal, warmed to make it easier to eat, with banana.  Lunchtime I had a protein shake with all my added fruit, and greens.  In the evening I treated myself to some smoked salmon, and added it to scrambled eggs.  That really went down a treat.

I had a 3.30 appointment at Aspen Dental for an adjustment yesterday afternoon.  I arrived at 3.20, and it was just coming up to 4, and I was still sitting in the waiting room.  I spoke to the receptionist, and someone finally came out.

He asked me what were they doing today.  I told him the adjustment.  I had a very sore left side of my mouth where the dentures were rubbing me.  It look red raw.  He took the upper to another room, and in about 30 seconds gave it back to me.  He said if there was a further problem to come back.

It so frustrates me that I waited that long, for something that took less than a minute.  Only 1 person had gone in during that time, and they have lots of technicians there.  I honestly believe they had forgotten me.

I will give it another week, and if my mouth isn’t healed, I will go back.  I am hoping that I don’t have to.


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