Unexpected outing today.

Yesterday my cellphone rang, and it was an England number.  I answered, and it was hubby’s half sister.  They come over to Florida once or twice a year.  It was to say that they were staying at the beach, and could we meet for lunch today.

We went to the gym so that I could do Zumba, and then I freshened up, and drove us down to Peggy O’s, in Palm Harbor.

It was great seeing them, and having a chance to catch up.  The meal was outstanding as always.  Len’s sister took photos of us, but as this was my first real meal, it took me a long time to eat 1 sausage, some mash, and onion gravy.  I was able to achieve it, and really delighted that after 8 days, I did so well.

Anyway, we have just got home, and watching the English Premier League.  Today it is Everton – Burnley, which isn’t an important one, unless you are a supporter.  Neither team can go down to the next league.

BTW I have dinner for the next couple of days.



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