Why can’t men shut their mouths!

We were going to watch all the Premier Football matches today, but decided that the West Ham – Southampton, and the Wolverhampton Wanderers –  Fulham games at 10 a.m. really didn’t affect the standings.

So we went to the gym.  At the weekend there are more men around.  Hubby and I chatted to a really nice guy while I was warming up.  Why can’t all men be like that.  He said that I had a body of a 20 year old, and didn’t believe either of our ages.

Then I went on the boxing bags.  After 2 sets of boxing, I was taking a water break, and an old guy came up, and started punching the bag I was using.  He said that was how I should be boxing.  I told him that at the gym I work on my punches, and technique, and then gas myself out.  I said that I can do kickboxing, and know how to handle myself.  So I went to show him, and he said that he could block me anytime.  I was quiet, but getting mad, and he said that he didn’t want to get into it with me.

Well he shouldn’t have criticized  my textbook boxing, when he was doing street boxing.

There is no way I can hit a bag, like I do when I am working with my trainer, and he has the mitts.


  1. Don’t you just love it when some guy thinks they can just waltz up and offer an unasked for opinion? When that kind of thing happens I feel it is because the man is feeling inadequate in some way or other and thinks he can be the ‘Big I Am’ by criticizing what a woman is doing. I congratulate you on not rising to his bait.

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  2. Hey just take it easy. 😊 there are so many such an advisers. I am lifting way much than any man in my gym but hey some of them trying to teach me how to lift. ( besides I have the most incredible coach in my city and my technique is perfect and I am personal trainer as well). 😂😂😂😂 Instead of getting mad I can’t stop laughing inside of me. I listen whatever they said, I am saying them: Thank you for your time and effort! Then continue to do my own stuff. There are so many reasons for their behaviour: he likes you. He bored. He wants to look important. He willing to help. He has nothing to do.
    Nothing of that is your problem. It’s his. So say thank you next time and move on. Why to spend your precious energy on him? 😊

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  3. There is a super guy there that is a boxer, and has fights. He is impressed with me, and wanted to meet my trainer. This big old guy was trying to prove that he still had it.

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  4. This is why I don’t workout in a gym anymore. All workouts are done at home, safe, sound, and no idiots! That sucks because getting your fitness on should be a positive experience. Hugs! ~JM

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  5. Sorry you experienced that. He clearly had something to prove. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have approached you. Maybe he’s physically strong, but he’s not strong inside. Men who are strong and secure inside are happy being who they are without trying to laud it over others.

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  6. Today my daughter and I had a similar conversation, she said, “Men are so dumb, when I grow up I am going to marry a girl!”

    Too funny, I believe you could have knocked him out from sheer anger, pity we live in the real world!

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  7. Wow!! All I can see are those beautiful back muscles. Amazing!!

    Yea. People can be jerks. Don’t take it personally. It’s more about them than you.

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  8. That drives me crazy when people just make assumptions and lecture based on their assumptions . Oy vey . You handled it well though . Good for you lady . People can be rough sometimes.

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  9. Absolutely not because anther man would sock him . You showed dignity talking through it and showing him you can handle things maturely while he looked like a fool. 🙂

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