You can tell it’s the next to last week of the Premier League season.

The top football teams in the Premier League are struggling this last week or two.  Especially the ones playing in the European leagues too.  This can mean as many as 3 games in a week.  The tired legs are showing, and also a lack of luster with a couple of the goalkeepers.

Spurs showed it yesterday, and even Liverpool didn’t dominate the game, over Newcastle, as expected.

Right now we are watching the Chelsea – Watford game, and it isn’t the Chelsea team we know.  Watford have actually had more of the game, and the only shot,#Hu that didn’t go in.  So 0 – 0 at halftime.

At the same time we have the Huddersfield – Manchester United game.  With Huddersfield being in bottom place, and will be religated to the lower league, this is an easy game for Man U.  At halftime they are up 1 – 0.

With the 3rd through 6th places only having 4 points between them, it is still debatable how the final standing will be.

Within 6 minutes of the second half Chelsea have come out fighting, and scored 2 goals, Loftus-Cheek, and David Luiz.  As of this moment Chelsea will go up into 3rd place, with the Spurs lose yesterday.

We then have the Arsenal – Brighton & Hove Albion match at 11.30.

Huddersfield have just equalized with Manchester United.  So exciting.




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