Staying in tonight. Plans changed throughout the day.

We went to the gym this morning, which was jamming, so I enjoyed boxing.

Came home, and the phone rang.  It was our doctor’s office, asking to change our appointments.  I asked if it was for our blood work tomorrow, and she said, ‘No, for the visit next Monday.  I try to only have 2 appointments a week, so had planned our weeks that way.  She changed it to Friday, of this week, so with today’s dermatologist this afternoon, that is 3 for each of us.  Obvious I had to agree.20190506_154826 (1)

At the dermatologist this afternoon, I expected hubby to have skin cancers as he rarely uses sunscreen.  I, on the other hand, use it whenever in the sun.  I was the one to have the smallest amount of raised skin over my left lip.  So the needles went in, it was scraped, and then frozen.  With my anxiety, I was shaking inside, but not showing it outwardly.  Now I have to wait 2 weeks to see the outcome.  The last time I had one on my forehead, a surgeon had to remove it, and that surgery really got to me.

As you can see from the photo, we are staying in tonight.  I can’t go dancing looking like that.  Plus the band aid won’t stay on.  It’s the same side as my sore gums, with my dentures, so it was soup, with a homemade flaky roll in it.  Every time I moved my mouth it slipped down.  I am supposed to keep it on until tomorrow, but talking, and drinking, is difficult too.

So that is why my day didn’t go as planned.



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