Better day today.

We were up early for us, as we both had bloodwork.  The lady that is amazing with me, called me in, up on the bed, and it was done.  I thanked her so much for making it easy for both of us.  Two lots of needles in less than 24 hours, is something I wouldn’t have been able to do a few years ago.

From there we went to Burger King, as hubby had to eat immediately.  We each had a croissant with egg, cheese, and sausage patty.  I took a knife with me, as I had to cut the sausage in tiny pieces to chew it.  They still had frappes for $1, and any size coffee for 50 cents.

Next was the gym where I got to do my Zumba.  The first 20-30 minutes I wasn’t given it my all, and my smile was lacking, but when the twist music came on, I turned into the animal I am.  My frame of mood totally changed.  I did 30 minutes of stretching, and moving on the upside down Bosu.

I then drove us to where my hubby has to sign the checks, for our timeshare, being President.  On the way home I was able to avoid the roadworks on US19.  3 lanes going down to 1.

We had a message on the answer machine, when we got in, and it was from hubby’s nephrologist.  They were making sure that the bloodwork was done, for his visit next Tuesday.  I had forgotten to take that paperwork with us this morning, so called the doctor’s office, and spoke to the lady that had done it.  Unfortunately there were some extra tests that needed to be done.  I told hubby how sorry I was.  This is the first time ever, that I forgot to take the paperwork.  So a second lot of bloodwork for him.

Now for the UEFA Champions League 2nd leg of the semi-final.  Liverpool – Barcelona.  The first one was at Barcelona, and they won 3 – 0.  Here’s hoping Liverpool will do as good on home ground.


  1. I have the same problems has you have plus my dentist left my mouth unfinished after I paid him. To small of a claim to sue him but if I had money for a lawer I dould.

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  2. Burger King? Forgotten paperwork? Gasp… Susie! : ) A blender-ful of a smoothie is a good meal replacement, it may aid in quicker healing (if you’re not already doing that) I don’t like many veggies, so I put some in there because the fruit masks the taste.

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  3. Okay, good. I am glad BK is rarely consumed and you’re having shakes. : ) I must make good smoothies, that’s all my pampered lizard will eat, though his are quite different…. good grief! Something went very not normal : )


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