Liverpool beat Barcelona 4 – 0. 4 – 3 on aggregate.

This has to be one of the best matches I have ever seen.  Liverpool had heart, and it showed.  They came into the game 3 – 0 down, and who in their wildest dreams would have thought that they would score 4. Messi is classed as the ‘best player’, but today he was average.

I am not a Liverpool fan, but I am elated at the score.  So who will they play in the final? Ajax or Tottenham Hotspurs.  We will know tomorrow.


  1. I’ve only been able to read but haven’t been able to watch, because I was at work. I’m not a Liverpool fan, but it’s incredible. All the odds were stacked against them–Barcelona is the most talented club right now, was 3-0 up on aggregate, and faced a Liverpool side that was without two of its biggest stars. But once again, with Anfield, and with Jurgen Klopp, maybe there is no such thing as odds being stacked against you.


  2. J’suis supporter barcelonais, mais j’suis déçu du club. Je demande une chose, je veux que Messi dit au revoir au club blaugrana.


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