Spectrum $14 a gig is working fine for me. No more paying for extra gigs.

I use WIFI 99% of the time, so really begrudgred paying high prices when I was using less than a third of a g.b.
When I went with Spectrum, it was frustrating not getting everything set up in a store, and I had to phone them several times. Unfortunately I cannot pick up voicemail through the app, even though I have spoken to so many of their technicians.
That’s another story, but I wanted to say that if you use your smartphone at home, in restaurants, gyms, hotels, timeshares, and not at other times, then you can only pay $14, which includes taxes.
The only downfall, if you don’t need a new phone, you do have to buy one. I didn’t have enough space, so really did want one with more capacity, and I am paying for it over 2 years, interest free.
Very happy with this plan.


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