Doctor is pleased with lab work, and then you read your summary of the visit.

We both saw our G.P. yesterday, and I am pleased to say that my platelets are a little higher, but still haven’t got to where they need to be.  My mammogram, and bone density tests were fine.  My cholesterol is borderline at 202, but my good cholesterol, and ratio were excellent.  On the whole I agreed with the summery I had.

My husband’s numbers really didn’t change too much, and that is why he is on so much medication.  However, the doctor decided to cut out the sliding scale of the fast acting insulin, and up the long acting twice a day, by 2 units.  This way he will only be injecting himself twice a day, instead of 4 times.  His arms are so messed up with all the shots.

Then his summary had 24 Other Medical Conditions (Problem list).  They were all chronic.  By the time I finished reading the list I was really down in the dumps, and then I realised how lucky I am that he is still alive.

Without me knowing when something is going on with him, the quality of his doctor, and specialists, I truly believe he wouldn’t have made it this far.


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