Recap on Mother’s day.

If you read my posts yesterday, you will know that we watched the final games of the Premier League football in the morning.  We had lunch, and mine was a protein shake, as we went to the gym.

One day a week I work on all the arm machines.  This ensures that every part of my shoulders, and arms get the best workout.  Then I cool down on the upside down Bosu Ball.

From here we went to our Clubhouse, where they have a table tennis table.  We had a lot of fun just keeping it going, due to the fact that there are pool lights above it, and they tend to join in.

Then back to the house, where I spent a couple of hours making a roast dinner.  I did cheat by buying a rotisserie chicken at the store.  However, I made roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, an array of vegetables, and gravy.  I also baked biscuits as these are hubby’s favorites.

Usually I don’t drink at home, but had a glass of wine, as it was a holiday.


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