7 Rules of Life. Please feel free to write a post on this, and link it back to me.

I was checking some of my groups that I buy Amazon items at a discount, and loved this one.

I do 6 of them, but the one I find really difficult is #6. Make peace with your past.

When people have betrayed me, taken advantage, knowing full well they cannot do what they promise, it seems to stay with me forever.  This is something I have been trying to work on, but I find it so hard, as to me a promise, is a promise.  I have lost several ‘so called friends’, that have borrowed large amounts of money from hubby and myself, with no intention of paying us back.  Some have, and others tried.

I must still continue to work on it, but at least I rarely think of it now, unless a message like this comes to remind me.

Does anyone have difficulty with any of these, and if so why?


  1. Making peace doesn’t mean forgiving and forgetting, in my opinion. It means seeing people clearly as they are and accepting that. This may mean that you can no longer be friends with someone and that’s okay. Not everyone is meant to be friends, and sometimes friendships are meant to end.

    My struggle is only when others keep bringing up topics I would rather not discuss, such as “why do you never see your friend so & so?” I don’t have a good answer for this without lying, and I dislike lying.

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  2. I agree that #6 is one that has challenged me in the past. I have sometimes best myself up for things that I have done poorly or messed up.

    Building a greater faith in God and His word has helped me a great deal as well as prayer.

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  3. Looks like a solid list Susie. I would change out the byline on no. 1 with a quote from marcus aurelius “Death smiles at us all; all we can do is smile back.” May be a little gritty for some but I love it 🙂

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  4. Hmm, you actually give me a pretty good idea for a post. I’ll try to do a post on this topic sometime.

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  5. No worries. I’ll do just that when I get to working on the post for it was your idea after all.

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  6. #6. That’s a sticking point for me. However as the late great Maya Angelou said, When people show you who they are believe them.

    Also consider that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. It’s embarrassing not to be able to repay borrowed money. That person does feel guilty. Like a failure.

    Yes there are mean, greedy selfish people but there are also people fighting just to stay alive. I try not to be too judgmental because only God’s Grace and Mercy keeps me safe. We never know what will happen to us in this life.

    Of course you can’t allow People to take advantage of you or permit toxic People to stress you out so I ask God to give me a spirit of discernment.

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