What a bloody day, and I am not using the English swearword.

Hubby got up this morning, and there was blood on the sheets, from encounters he has all the time, with doors, frames, and whatever if around.  His skin is so paper thin, that the least touch, and he has skin tears.

So the sheets came off of bed, sprayed with a stain remover, and then into cold water where I rubbed the stains out.  I then put them in the washing machine, and we went to the gym.

Hubby walks through the doors of the gym, and there is blood pouring from the opposite arm to yesterday’s skin tears.  I immediately get paper towels, to stop it.  Once cleaned up I put a band aid on it.  A guy at the gym tells me that Len has blood on his light beige shorts.  So then I get paper, and water, and soak the area, until I get the blood out.

Later when he takes those shorts off, it will be a spray, then a quick hand wash in cold water, and a spin cycle in the washing machine.

What a bloody day it’s been!


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