Mohs surgery on the area just above my lip.

I wrote 2 week ago that both my husband, and I saw the dermatologist.  He had an area burnt off while there, but I had a piece removed, and sent for a biopsy.  When I got home there was a message to phone for the results.

They tell you on the machine that everything is fine, so I knew that it wasn’t good.  As it is on my face, and a difficult area just above my lip, I am having the Mohs surgery.  Last time I had this done on my forehead, I really struggled with it, and had severe anxiety, and some panic, which I managed to control with great difficulty.

There are lots of needles, and it gets scrapped.  Then you wait an hour or two, and they tell you if they got it all, or if you have to go back in for more scrapping.

Once they have got it all, you go back in again for the finishing up.  I now have to stay calm until the middle of June, when they have the first opening.


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