Is there a simpler way to change your subscriptions on WordPress?

This afternoon, in approximately an hour, I had 200 ‘New Posts’ from the same author.  I have changed the timeframe from immediate, or daily, to weekly on some of my authors I follow.

The problem is whether I start at Page 1, or Page 71, I can never seem to get to the middle pages, as WordPress is so slow.  I have 1,406 authors that I follow.

You would think when you get an email, and at the bottom you click the ‘unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from ………….. it would take you to that person’.  No it doesn’t it comes to that dreaded page for me, where I have to start at 1, or 71, and keep clicking page numbers.

I still haven’t found this person, and they do not read my blog anymore.  Is there anyway I can find them that isn’t so time consuming?  I can’t even delete a whole page of emails, as I get other ones in between, so have to pick them out.

Your comments would really be appreciated.  Thank you.


  1. If you pull up the post there should be a following button on left side. If you click on it you should be able to unfollow. Or, on the reader page there should be a thing st the top to manage. The things are alphabetical

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  2. I agree with Valerie. I would just un-follow the person Susie if you can. It’s nice to have community and interaction but that’s a bit excessive and non-productive. I hope it works for you.

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  3. Here’s what to do on an iPhone using the WordPress app.
    Tap on Reader at the bottom
    Tap on Followed Sites
    Tap the 3 dots … on right of number of likes is listed
    The pop up menu you can unfollow.

    Good luck!

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  4. The thing it always wrong that in followed reading page you can see only certain amount of blogs. Most of them actually marketing and they filling all followed reading page. Because of it I have difficulty to read those ones who are interesting. I think they have to do the option for us to choose who can be on that followed reading page. I do not read politics, religion and languages I can’t understand but they keep appearing there.

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  5. You may need to block the emails by reporting them as spam then. Depending on your email provider you should be able to see where you can click on something like “mark as spam.” Sometimes you may have it where you can click on blocking the sender.

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  6. I believe if you go to your WordPress website you have to unfollow the owner of website where the emails are coming from.

    When you just commented , I get an email too. But I go to the website to find the Reader.

    You can go to to open your website. There you should be able to unfollow them.

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  7. I have the opposite problem, the accounts I follow by email keep getting shut off somehow, and I can’t keep them tuned on so that I know when they have posted something new. Feast or famine 🙂 Mostly famine here.

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  8. Email settings can be changed in your profile page. In the app, go to the “me” tab (head icon) , it will take you to the profile page. There you can see notification setting. Tap there, it will take you to email notification settings. .. there you can change your settings..please try this and let me know if it works for you.. I have disabled email notifications in this manner

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  9. Have you reported it to WordPress? If you are getting emails, but their not in your reader, that’s a bigger issue within WP, and they may need to open a ticket and investigate. They can also address why you can’t get to your followers more efficiently. It could be a WP version bug.

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  10. It shouldn’t matter whether you get emails or reader. On your app click on the reader icon, then scroll to the very top of your reader and click on Manage. Find the author and click on their site. You’ll see ‘following’ on the upper right. Click it. Now you’re not following anymore!

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  11. I don’t like that manage page either, because you do have to start over after every move you make on there. It takes forever! Oh, is this person who left so many notices with a foreign language in some Arabic symbols? I’ve been getting lots of those, but I don’t follow them at all. I have seen your picture on the likes though.

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  12. I did it. Thank you. There were 5 different blogs for him, and one of the names I didn’t realize it was him. This was the one I missed, going my long winded way. Much appreciated.

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