Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.

When I was browsing Amazon, I happened to see this inspirational quote.  It is so me.

My brother was born in the war, and I was, when it was over.  Times were hard, and as a family we struggled.  Most of my life hasn’t been easy, and I have always had to pull strength from somewhere.

With my husband’s chronic illnesses, when we owned our restaurant, then he was in a horrific car crash, just to name a few.

Then with my anxiety, and panic disorder most of my life, yes as a child too, I have had to pull myself out of every situation.

Finding the gym 6 and a half years ago, changed my life.  I took to it like a fish to water.  Every day I find the strength to push myself harder, and make myself stronger.

So don’t pamper your children.  Let them have a normal life, and not always get what they want.  That ‘struggle’ however small, will make them stronger in the end.




  1. I agree 100%. My kids have had some tough times in their lives, especially my daughter. She is now a strong warrior woman and I am so proud of her. My son is a very smart and very independent young man who is resourceful and brave. I let them experience the consequences of their choices. They grew up strong. I have had some very tough times in my life , family growing up, suffering from depression in my 20s, health issues , cancer to name but ten, and other lumps and bumps. But like you I am still here and still carrying on. For me my horse is my lifeline. Thanks for this post Susie. It is inspirational!!

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  2. You are right – Great quote! I have my share of depressive episodes, some much deeper, lasting longer than others. When I found running again I took to it like you took to the gym. Really helped so much. I found something I could do to help, or concentrate on. Great post!

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  3. Playing safe is neither challenging nor inspiring betterment. As you mentioned especially with growing generation, let them learn on their own and find out their best choices in life..

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