A tip for new bloggers.

When you first start writing, you probably will only get a couple of likes on your first posts.  Don’t be disheartened.  Go to those bloggers, read a few of their posts, and like them.  Next click on their followers.

Check out a few of these, and see if their writing is something you would like to read.  If so, read a few posts, and like them.  It is always good to leave a personal comment, not a generic one.

Some of these writers will check yours out, and you will start getting more followers.  If you do this on a daily basis, as well as writing one new post a day, you will be surprised how quickly your followers come.

One thing us seasoned bloggers do NOT like, is when someone asks for a follow.

Welcome all new bloggers.



  1. Thank you for your tips! I recently started blogging and connecting with other bloggers has helped me a lot. My Blog is called searchingforconfidence.wordpress.com it would be great if you would have a quick read:)

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