A tip for new bloggers.

When you first start writing, you probably will only get a couple of likes on your first posts.  Don’t be disheartened.  Go to those bloggers, read a few of their posts, and like them.  Next click on their followers.

Check out a few of these, and see if their writing is something you would like to read.  If so, read a few posts, and like them.  It is always good to leave a personal comment, not a generic one.

Some of these writers will check yours out, and you will start getting more followers.  If you do this on a daily basis, as well as writing one new post a day, you will be surprised how quickly your followers come.

One thing us seasoned bloggers do NOT like, is when someone asks for a follow.

Welcome all new bloggers.


  1. Great advice, Susie and I’ve been implementing this strategy since starting up. It’s also interesting the types of blogs you end up reading; sometimes that have nothing to do with your topic! You can still appreciate the writing style though. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Great tip Susie and it does work too! Plus you get to meet a lot of fellow bloggers that way and get a broader look at things which can be helpful in a person’s own blogging. Well done.

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  3. I agree with this great advice. I would add that you can search by topic in the wp reader to find more like-minded fellow bloggers to like and comment on you like their content.

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  4. Good advice Susie. I would only add that make sure your gravatar is set up so other bloggers can find you. And make sure you don’t go over 15 tags (counting the category as one). Also, make sure your category name is also a tag name.

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  5. It’s an organic process that’s for sure. 🙂 … also to be aware that a significant number of ‘people’ who will follow your blog aren’t ‘people’ at all, unfortunately. They’re spammers, or bots, or companies that bought a list of URL’s from an aggregator, or all of the above, and send out blanket ‘follows’.

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  6. I agree! This was what I exactly did when I started blogging.
    Many will surely pick up your advice! I’ll share your post on social media so that aspiring bloggers may know.
    The Catalyst

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  7. Excellent tips for both beginners and seasoned bloggers. My only objection in the blogosphere are people who post 10 times or more a day; I simply can’t keep up with that volume as a reader.

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  8. Thanks for the tip, it is really valuable.
    Sometimes people find my blog and like and follow me, my instant reaction is to do the same on their blog.
    I ended up reading poetry quite often which usually I never do.. and many other topics I usually don’t read about.
    This space is super friendly here.
    In the current era of digitalization and all the fights and impersonal being usually makes us distant online in a comment section… or we tend to be critics (Facebook) etc.
    but on WordPress I love how friendly it is.

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  9. Good advice – I am often surprised which post seem to resonate with readers and others don’t. It takes time to know your audience. As you say, it is necessary to read their own posts. In fact, even if they never comment you still get to them from their writings. I look forward to further posts.

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  10. Yes Susie I agree with what you say about doing your blog each day. I did this when I started out and then ended up in the hospital from time to time. I have missed a lot of days due to bad health while at home. I do try to make it up and read lots of blogs and comment on them. I think it is just as important to let our fellow bloggers know they are appreciated and are talented. Thanks for sharing this blog with us all Susie !!

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