My ladies are upset. Me too.

This morning I arrived at the gym at 10 am. My 2 ladies were ready at 10.15. One said that her friend would love to learn boxing, so I had 3. We are in our 60’s to 80’s.

2 guys from the gym came up, and told me that I have to be certified to show them the basic moves.

I said I volunteer, as I give back to the community. I was told that I would have to be certified, and then I would get paid. I don’t want a job, just to help older ladies to get fit, and protect themselves.

I understand, but why didn’t they do this the first week, as I told them that I did it. I had been asking them to put up the other 2 bags, so most were aware of it. I wasn’t covered for liability all those weeks.

I love volunteering, but couldn’t be in a nursing home, or hospital. The gym is my life.

Really upset 🥊🥊


  1. That really is too bad. Hopefully your friends don’t get turned off by this negative experience. I understand there are liability issues but it really is a shame that you aren’t able to share something you love with other people.

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  2. At my age, and taking care of hubby, it’s too much to deal with. Also working with the new dentures, and the surgery just above my lip coming up. Too much stress to add something else.

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  3. Oh dear. That is too bad and very frustrating. I used to teach Tai Chi to seniors when I was in my 40s. We never had to be certified to teach Tai Chi but we did have to do a CPR course in case someone had a heart attack.

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