Another hour on the phone to Spectrum!

I still haven’t got my voicemail coming up automatically, and that has been months now.  I can get it by pressing the 1 on the keypad, so do that every couple of days.

These past few days, I haven’t been able to get into my Spectrum account, to see my balance, usage, etc.  I had been using my fingerprint, and somehow it stopped.  I then typed in my email, and password, which it wouldn’t accept.  I then had to type my email to retrieve a code.  It comes up each time ‘invalid email’.  That is the only one I have.

Finally after a few days of this, I phoned them, as I am always on for hours.  The first time, the wrong department.  Transferred to another person, and still the wrong one.  When I finally got the right one, and gave all my details yet again, I got the busy sound, which meant I have been cut off.

My next attempt, I actually got to the right department.  The lady had never dealt with this issue.  She put me on hold several times, and told me that she had been told what to do.

We changed some things in settings, switched the phone on, and off several times.  Did more, and phone off, and on again.  She then said that it needs to bring back information, and to check if I can get into my Spectrum account, in 45 minutes time.

That took me an hour, with no guarantee it will work.  I waited a full one hour, and exactly the same came up.  I am not getting back to them tonight, as I want to relax.


  1. I feel like you and I are a noble noble lady and for years I have not commented on topics, but my goodness, my courage, my patience, my interests, and my many activities affect me, and for my account I am quiet and quiet, and how many problems have not been solved and solved by the merciful God and a thousand thanks to you.


  2. So typical in such situations. Either these companies don’t care about their average customer, or they don’t want to take the trouble to put in place an efficient process to handle customers’ problems (or both).


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