Memorial Day.

My husband was in the Royal Air Force for 22 years, so both Memorial Day, and Veterans Day mean so much to us.

There are 2 services in the area we are staying in.  The first one, a parade at 9 a.m., followed by the service.  I was going to take him to this one, but the difficulty is parking close by.  As it is close to the beach, it would be impossible for me to park near enough for him to walk.

The second one is a huge event at the V.A. hospital, with 3,000 people expected.  They have parking offsite, and shuttles to the event.  With hubby being 85, and neuropathy of the feet, I am not sure if this one would be feasible.

Therefore he is going to watch the ceremony at Arlington, on television.  This way he won’t be in 90+ temperatures, possibly standing, and not knowing when he will be able to get back to our timeshare.

We will go out to lunch instead.

This Memorial day, instead of just throwing a party, please take a minute for all of those who died in wars, throughout the world.

Photo: Pixabay.


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