UEFA Europa League Champions are Chelsea.

It was a London derby, Chelsea against Arsenal, and with hubby being an Arsenal supporter, we were both routing for them.

Arsenal had a possible penalty early in the game.  The referee pointed to the spot, and then didn’t give it.  They played well the first 30 minutes of the game, and then Chelsea got their act together.  No goals in the first half.

Chelsea must have had the pep talk in the locker room, and they came out a different team.  They scored 4 goals, against Arsenal’s 1.

It was hard to see Giroud score the first goal for Chelsea, after all the years he played for Arsenal.  He made other goals, and although Hazard was the man of the match, to me it was Giroud.

Disappointed. Yes, but was so pleased that they were London teams playing, so either had to be the Champions.  Now waiting on Saturday’s final, as Tottenham Hotspur are playing Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League.  You know who we will be routing for.


  1. Four goals tell who was the best. It was a final with a good game, but in the second half the difference was noticed. Too bad that England is left without seeing one of the best players in the world. Ender goes to Madrid. This time there was no luck with his team of preference. Greetings.

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  2. Here we are on holiday with daughter and family in Somerset – son-in-law Arsenal supporter hoping the village pub will show the match. Off he went with Cyberspouse, back in ten minutes no match at the pub. Ended up watching on his lap top – disappointment all round!

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