Did a lot of walking at the beach, and rested my upper body.

Having had a mini break at the beach recently, it gave me a chance to do some walking, and no gym workouts.

We were busy, but I managed to get on the beach for around 3 hours a day, walking in the water’s edge.  The photo above is one of the days on my Samsung Health app.  Sometimes my watch showed more than the phone, and visa versa.

For me it was a good thing, as yesterday I did my volunteer boxing in the morning, and had my boxing session with my trainer in the afternoon.  I have been upping my punching continuously most weeks.  Yesterday I gassed out at 12 minutes.  I don’t think I would have achieved that time, without giving my upper body, the rest it needed.

Today I did a little of the combat training at the gym.  I leave early as it would be impossible to do Muay Thai kickboxing an hour later. Today I did 10 minutes straight punching.

My shoulders always ache afterwards, but both days my forearms, and wrists felt it too.  My trainer said that I am punching so much harder now.  I make him ache too, which is a bonus for me.




  1. Good afternoon, i believe, that we need days to rest i was working out so hard those days, i feel like today is not way i’m ready for any physical activity :)❤️

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  2. Recently I had to cut back on my walking. My blood pressure went up Sky high and then I injured my left side. If I make my Steps goal fine. If not it doesn’t matter. So I no longer try for 10,000 Steps a day. One day I felt so weak that I had to call out from work which is unusual for me. Today I did make over 10,000 Steps but that was because I had to take the subway into the City for medical treatment. Lots of running around. I should sleep good tonight. No more being Wonder Woman for me. I’m Thankful for extra strength ibuprofen. I will spend most of this summer resting and relaxing.

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  3. Sorry about the URL. Another glitch in the world of WordPress. Yesterday over a period of time I was able to do 14,000 Steps.

    Earlier this week I began adding beet powder to my water. Yesterday I went in for a B12 shot. Next week I will start back on Bone Broth and of course I will take my meds every day. One has to fight to stay healthy.

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  4. Thanks. I did an early morning Walk and made 5,500 Steps. I stopped pressuring myself to push for 10,000 Steps every day. Depending on how I feel that is what I do. Towards the end of today I will publish a Post on how today’s walking exercises went. Managed to get even more great Street Art Mural photos.

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