Pictures can be so deceiving.

It was lovely to get an email from IHOP saying a free stack of any of their pancakes for my anniversary with their eclub.

I asked hubby if he wanted to order from the menu, or have the free pancakes.  He said pancakes with sugar free sugar, so he had the buttermilk ones, 5 pancakes $6.99.  As I love spinach, mushroom, and cheese I went for that omelet.  Mine came with 3 pancakes.  Yes mine was $9.99, but when I looked at my husband’s tiny stack, I wondered how they could charge that much for them.

I could make them at home for around a buck.  We didn’t say anything as they were free, but I would have been disappointed if we had paid for them.  Look at the photo on the email, compared with what my husband got.  My 3 looked as big as his 5.

He, of course finished them.


  1. Happy anniversary!!!

    Eating out is so expensive and usually worse quality than what you are at home….but it is a nice treat. Isn’t it? Especially free. Lol

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  2. Like you said at least your husband’s pancakes were free. I used to think eating out was so expensive in the US, but after moving to Denmark everything is so much cheaper in the US. Like if I wanted to get an omelette like yours it would be $15 here.

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  3. In my opinion, you can’t beat homemade. You know what you’re eating and how it’s prepared and the amount of money they charge for one meal I can feed a whole family.

    I find the magic of cooking at home is the whole family (Hubby and Kids) pitches in, from cutting up veggies to washing dishes. It’s another way we spend family time together. It’s not about the eating, it’s also about the conversation, and planning the menu for the next few days. Growing up with no family, this time spent with my self-made family is so important. The simple things in life are always the best. Cheers 🙂

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  4. My hubby can’t do anything, too ill to travel, and my family are in England. Visited every year, until he almost died 8 years ago. Today I spent 3 hours cooking a roast dinner for 2.


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