No more flat Yorkshire puddings since I saw the Jamie Oliver video.

I put something on Pinterest, and while I was waiting for it to load, up came the perfect Yorkshire pudding recipe from Jamie Oliver.  I watched the video, and saved it.

We have a roast chicken, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, roast potatoes, around 7 vegetables, and OXO gravy most weeks, and I just couldn’t get mine to rise.

I watched the video twice, measured out my flour, and milk, and was ready to go.  The only difference I did was beat the 3 eggs first, and sift my flour in.  This has to be the reason mine didn’t have enough air in them to rise.

Strange how it always worked in England, and went flat, when I moved to Florida.  Now I can take a guy at the gym, 2 Yorkshire puddings tomorrow, as I wouldn’t give him any of my disappointing ones.  They did taste good, but there is no way I would have given them to anyone.

Check it out:


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