Managed 3 football games, the gym, food shopping, and dinner so far.

Being retired I don’t have time to do everything I want too.  First off, after my earlier post, I am pleased to say the England won third place, with penalty kick offs.  Even Pickford, our goalkeeper scored a brilliant goal.

Immediately it finished I drove us to the gym.  I grabbed a 15 lb. kettlebell, a band, and hand weights.  I did the circular action with the kettlebell looped on the band, standing on one leg.  This is great for balance, and core.  Then I turned the Bosu ball upside down, and used the weights.  I managed 45 minutes, before we headed home for the second half of the ladies World Cup match, where England beat Scotland 2 – 1.

I then drove to 2 shops for food.  My next post will be about the supermarket Winn Dixie, and also feeding the ‘homeless man’.  Got in just in time to watch the EUFA Champions League final, where Portugal beat Netherlands by 1 goal to nil.  This was the only result I wasn’t happy with, as Netherlands have always been my second national team.

Just had dinner, which was homemade chicken curry, and I think it’s time to relax.

Forgot that I also did the minutes, for the board meeting, where hubby and I are both on the board of directors.

When did I ever have time to work?


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