Switzerland – England match.

This is the UEFA Nations League match to determine who gets third and fourth place.  Being English, hubby and I are so into our football.

England could have so easily scored in the first minute, and have hit the woodwork twice.  Switzerland have had their chances too.

It is now the 70th minute, and I am at that point with no score, that I am listening, and just can’t watch the match.  I am sure my low blood pressure has shot up to normal, as I can’t sit still, and my heart is racing.

If neither side scores in the 90 minutes, then it will go to extra time, and then to penalty kickoffs.  I am hoping for a result, so that I can get to the gym, for the last few minutes of my Zumba class.

I hate VAR.  England scored in the 84th minute, and I am screaming out loud.  It went to VAR as one of the Swiss players said he had been pulled back.  That fantastic goal was disallowed.  I am heartbroken.

0 – 0 at fulltime, so going into extra time.



  1. Great! Unfortunately we didn’t have coverage of the match on ESPN here. England are my 3rd favourite team behind Australia and Colombia. My family ancestry is English and Scottish. Yesterday Colombia won 2-0 yesterday over Peru in a friendly. On the 15th of June they begin their Copa America tournament against Argentina!

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