As promised, Winn Dixie, and homeless man.

I didn’t want to make yesterdays post too long, as I know that interest is lost after 200 words, so here is what happened.

For weeks now when I go into Winn Dixie supermarket, I show my card to get the discounts, on products bought.  One young cashier said after I had finished my purchase, that I needed to get the card with other benefits.  She said to tell the cashier before I paid next time.  This I did, and the cashier insisted that the one I had for donkeys years, was fine.

This time I got a nice young lady that told me I had been missing out on discounted gas, and points that make money, to use towards purchases.  She had already done the transaction, and voided it, to give me the new card.  I thanked her so much, and told her of my previous experience.  A manager apologized, and said that this card has been available for years, and the cashiers hadn’t been doing their jobs.

From here, I get my milk, and bananas from Save a Lot.  I don’t buy much here, but their prices on these save me a fortune, as I buy them every couple of days.

Outside the store was a gentleman that looked down on his luck.  I asked him if I could buy him some fruit, or yogurt, thinking of something healthy.  He asked for a chocolate pudding.  I said sure, and started to walk away.  He yelled out, how about some cans of soda too.  I suggested he ask the next person for them.

I bought him a pack of chocolate puddings, and when I gave them to him, I didn’t even get one word from him.  If he had said ‘Thank you’, next time I was there I would have bought him a 6 pack of soda.

You win some, you loose some.


  1. Unfortunately, there are many in this world who have developed a sense of entitlement and feel you’ve only done your duty in serving them and therefore no word of thanks is necessary. But, it was very nice of you to help him out. 🙂


  2. I hear you Susie. We were leaving a restaurant one evening with left overs in a container when we saw a down and out gent up ahead asking for money for food. We offered hi our food (pasta) and his response was I don’t eat that S—. You know what, he was right. He did not eat it. We found someone else who was more appreciative. Cheers. Allan

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  3. I’m all for helping transient people, but some are quite arrogant about their asks. I gave one person a couple of dollars and he asked me to give him 3 more because he couldn’t do anything with the 2 I first gave.

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  4. I also work at a shelter sometimes feeding the patrons there. You wouldn’t believe how many come in and ask for: vegan meals, no pork, specifics about the breakfast. Some of them also get a plate and decide they don’t want it, so they throw it in the trash.

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  5. I offer the following to exercise that smile or middle finger… I have this book called zen flesh, zen bones. In this book there is a few things on gifts… The first is it’s not for the giver to be thanked the gift is theirs to give. Not to exact praise for giving which is taking back. Other moments are not quite relevant here. Next in the Bible many say they did good works “in his name” which hardly again applies but if one again thinks they feel their Wheaties giving what otherwise is left over. Why give, the spirit says if you need a thank you the gift isn’t one be it’s a trade!!! ;). Now I’m not against trades either they’re kinder to all involved.

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  6. I don’t think that readers lose interest after 200 words, or any number of words actually.
    It’s the story they tell that matters. If someone writes a post that is 300 or 500 or 1000 words long and they’ve engaged my attention, then I’m there for the duration, and I think most people are too. But if a post is 500 words of drivel that’s just there for the word-count or the ‘click-throughs’, in other words someone who is in this game for the stats, then even 200 words is too long.
    So, don’t limit your story-telling by some arbitrary word count, that’s probably been decided upon by someone with a specific agenda anyway. 😀
    A story is only as long as it needs to be, not a word more, and not a word less. 🙂

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  7. That was so kind of you but sadly some do not appreciate it enough to thank you. I think they believe their entitled for free things I believe thats why their homeless….Im not saying all just some.

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  8. A smile would have been nice. I had strict English parents, and politeness was instilled in us. Opening doors for the elderly, please, thank you, giving your seat to someone else if you could stand. It’s my way of life.

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  9. When I was with my husband at the hospital in the city where he was getting treatment for his detached retina I went into the local cafe an ordered a bag of french fries. A homeless women came up and asked for money ” for food”. I offered her my bag of fries. “I don’t eat those” she said. Well I guess she didn’t want money for food. The down and outers are a sad group. I guess some of them just cannot remember how to be polite or addiction may have taken their souls .

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  10. I’m not on a witchhunt laser guiding bombs of thought. My world view holds the values of why one tries to hold the doors…not for just the pretty dates but because it’s with respect. If one is going to follow that theme now I get slaughtered as I was brought up in a religious situation where I’m anti patriotic…. Oh boy talk about taking it in the neck! You respectfully choose against public patriotism! (I’ve the pleasure of visiting my sister wife of armed forces here brother in law and on that base you with each movie get a dose of the national anthem (tad rude to sit through that) yet in reality I’d be wholly free to act as I wish to. That conflict leaves me open to think not on what’s right or wrong but possible. I’m a lousy homeless as I can’t convince enough of the many to aid my needs. This is quite okay in life to not court what I’m not well suited to dealing with!! I’m nice enough to be harmless now comes how I fit against….. I hold doors walk at turtle speeds as I trained to work in a rest home you just don’t marathon anywhere ever! Now this is good because my own health has me careful to not overdo it and I’m okay stopping mid walk 2-3 blocks or even steps ! To make sure I get heartattacks free places. No run over by sneaky cars. And I’m nice as I figure if I’m opening a door for anyone it’s out of true courtesy without reguard of social return… It’s just the right thing by I want to do…. I hope… Yet here is the Crux. Do you see anywhere where I can be confused? Others do as one must very carefully meter who they choose to help just as resources everywhere are thin ! Or it’s rude of ME to overly hold up my party to aid other parties and lose track of mine simply getting door happy. Basing even my tips for service worth gratuity on everyone’s satisfaction and experience…not empiric effort…result…. And I can tell you oooooooey I’ve gotten spare change from a bum I was that annoyed stuck. You see I can’t even avoid having the army of scrutiny to get a discount on the public bus despite obvious disability if having inch thick glasses isn’t a dead giveaway…. I literally was short a coin and in a twist of fate I got the coin I needed versus another filching change from me. I always paid in full. Never a discount or break. Now back to values on why we do stuff. Courtesy. I agree. Plus it’s good manners and general deportment to be good with and to others . Yet I brought up that zen thing to remind me I’m fine. It’s good. There’s nothing wrong being polite for stuff and humble. Now a quandry! I mention I’m blind as in legally considered of such poor vision to be blind and I actually most often can not read even where I’m at by signs. Yet I ask you if based on doing things right if you’d understand why despite what you just read why if I can not read well why I don’t carry a cane to alert others they could aide me? That’s because I know it all begins with disrespect not aid….(does it?). And in a world where one is valued on the strengths of offer I want mine not to be helping otherwise capable across the busy streeeeeet. Huff to be that bit big enough. But ask if that makes any sense to you. Just the same way it’s nice to be acknowledged when efforts are given…I have the same systems of seeing by action my efforts used well so yes I too would be offended if I’m not thanked for efforts but to read that might not be where I should look to build myself up at (thanks from down and outs). But within myself and the value system where it’s right that’s why I do it independent of reward. Because just as holding the door for only the prettiest is going to end poorly as everyone gets found out for the truth. It seems why we do what we do or even suspect or expect ex outcomes is us but is it at and for our best?


  11. I understand Susie. I helped a man once with a few dollars for a fast food meal, and he promptly drove to a nearby upscale restaurant. However, last summer my faith was restored by a man seeking fuel for his car, and I gladly filled up his 5-gallon container. I knew where my contribution was going this time.

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  12. Some people don’t appreciate what others do for them out of the kindness of their hearts, they expect it. Then there are others that truly appreciate their blessings. Very kind of you to help that person, sorry he didn’t truly appreciate it.

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