My husband will say that he has perfect hearing, but I am finding I have to repeat myself, or turn the television down sometimes, for him to hear.

We had a letter addressed to him, for a free hearing test, and a $25 Walgreens gift card.  I signed him up, and we went yesterday afternoon.

HearUSA has a spacious waiting area.  A very nice lady at reception, that ensured we went in on time.  Yes, I was able to go with him.  Again we had a really pleasant lady that talked about hearing loss, and did the tests on my husband.  She was extremely clear, and precise with instructions, and speech.

At the end of it, she printed the report, that was on her screen.  She explained that he had 84% hearing in both ears, and suggested that he have hearing aids, to prevent it from getting worse.  We said that we would discuss it.

She then got lots of pages, brochures, and cards for us.  She gave us the lowest, and highest prices.  I didn’t write them down, as she said that she would give us literature, on both.

When we got home I looked at everything.  First off, the printed hearing loss chart was not amongst the paperwork.  Neither was the cost of the hearing aids.  These were 2 things that I wanted to look at.

Hubby insists that his hearing is fine.

We didn’t get the gift card yesterday, but she said it will come from corporate, in 3 to 4 weeks time.

I would recommend them for a hearing test, if you feel that you need one.


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  1. My ENT gave me a hearing test and wanted to sell me hearing aids right there at a cost of over $5000. Nothing paid by insurance. I think that I hear okay, not 100% but okay. My husband is very hard of hearing, but we still manage to communicate, even if I have to repeat things several times.


  2. I’ve worn hearing aids for about 7 years now, and thankfully my heading loss has plateaued, at least for the last few years … you’d be surprised how adept we get at picking up subconscious, and subtle cues in order to be able to follow a conversation. 🙂 … it’s wonderful how quiet the world gets when I take ’em out though.

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