Thank you all for your prayers, and good wishes.

It is impossible to answer all the lovely comments, and return the read, as I am still not with it.

Some cancers are just surface, but this one had nodules, that made it a lot deeper.  The first surgeon got all the cancer, and that part of the surgery went fine.  Then another couple of hours before going it to be cut, and sown up.  I wrote in the last post about being in that room for almost an hour, before the second surgeon came in.

I wasn’t doing good, knowing that they had to do a major cut, so that the skin could be pulled together, and stitched.  Each time anyone went past I asked how long it would be before I was taken care of.  My breathing was getting shallow, even though I tried to deep breathe, and I was hyperventilating.  The lady came back in, and said that if I didn’t stay quiet they would shut the door.  This is the worst thing they can say to someone who has anxiety, and panic disorder.  So they got my husband in the room to keep me from calling out.

Last time I had this surgery done on my forehead, they would NOT allow my husband in the room, but this time he stayed for it.  He said that as the area was large, they had to do a deep cut, and I could taste the blood.

I have to go back in a week to have the stitches out.

I was up and down all night, putting ice on the area, and sipping milk.  We then slept in until 9.15 a.m.

The pain has lessened, I am so pleased to say, so I am just resting on the recliner.  I should have done the laundry yesterday, so am just sorting it, and letting the machine do it.  That’s all I plan for today.

Again, I will be unable to answer all your comments, and won’t be reading that much.  I know you all understand.  With much love.


  1. I have several basal cell cancers and each one has been different. They had to go back and redo the one on my arm last year taking quite a bit out I have about a two inch scar and no longer wear sleeveless. Maybe in a few years. I have yet to have a squamous type. And fortunately no melanoma.

    That is terrible that they couldn’t let your husband in the room. Last year my son was dating a girl who was pre-med and he needed to have a lipoma taken out of his forehead (here again, it came back and they had to do a bit more aggressive excision). She asked the doc if she could watch and he had no issue WHATSOEVER!

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  2. That’s definitely NOT the way to treat someone who is already stressed out! I’ve hyperventilated only once before and I was terrified. I can’t imagine being yelled at while going through that. So sorry you had to deal with that on top of everything else. Glad you’re feeling at least a little better.

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  3. Hope you get more rest and feel a bit better tomorrow, Susie. The worst of any surgery is always after when your body is struggling to cope with the shock of it all and you just feel yourself going right down and doing really badly but things come back. You pull up again and start feeling human and that wee bit more like yourself. Keep strong on that one.

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  4. Praying for you! Healing takes time…I wish this had been a better experience for you. Compassion is the key all of us need in these situations. I am glad your husband could comfort you. It is pretty hard to be silent in the midst of this kind of procedure… Glad it is over!


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