Got to Winn Dixie at the right time.

This afternoon, after watching the World Cup football, I wanted to go to the store, just to get out of the house.  I feel like a useless piece of junk just sitting, and laying down most of the day.

So it started storming, the rain was so heavy that I couldn’t go, as I can’t get my stitches wet.

Luckily an hour later the weather broke, so I got to Winn Dixie around 4.30 p.m.  I needed some more Greek yogurts, and they have the brands I like.  There was a gentleman marking them down.  He stepped aside while I picked up 8 at 50 cents each.  He asked me if I liked the Key Lime Pie ones, which I do, so asked me how many I wanted.  The short dates still give me 4 days to eat them, and I don’t mind going a few days past it, as they are still good.

I ended up with 12 yogurts for 6 bucks, instead of the $1.29, marked down to $1, and then again for the quick sale.

I will have to make a mental note, to go to the store later in the day.  I am always up for a bargain.


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