Italy and Australia go through to the next round.

Now that the Womens World Cup matches are on at the same time, I am back to one on the television, and the other on my big screen laptop.

Today Italy were playing against Brazil, and Jamaica against Australia.  Italy were already through to the last 16, but depending on the scores, it would be either Australia, or Brazil.

Australia scored in the 11th, and 42nd minutes, so at halftime I was really happy.  Then in the 49th minute Jamaica pulled one back.  At this time the other game were drawing 0 – 0.  Kerr got her hattrick for Australia in the 69th minute, so I was really getting excited.  Only to have Brazil score from a penalty in the 74th minute.

So back to Brazil getting second place.  I continued with one eye on each game, until Kerr scored her 4th goal in the 83rd minute.  If they could maintain this until the end of the match, and Brazil not score again, they would be through on their own merit.  They sure did.

It looks extremely likely that Brazil will be continuing in the tournament, as the 4 highest placed third teams, will also be going through.

For anyone that loves football this was so exciting.  I have to say that England is my favorite, who else? then Netherland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.  I am not making any predictions.



  1. The US would have to be favourites to win the whole thing. Although I would love for anyone else to be raising the cup at the end. Not that I particularly dislike the American team, I just prefer to see an underdog like Australia or even England win it.

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