England top of their group in the Womens World Cup.

England came out with the fighting spirit, and White scored in the 14th minute.  They were true lionesses in the first half.  I have no idea what happened after the halftime break, as Japan were all over them.  I couldn’t even watch the game.  Actually I was watching the Scotland game on my laptop.

In the 84th minute, White scored her second goal, which was totally against the run of play.  I am not complaining, as that was the final score, and England have the 9 points, for 3 wins.

In the second game Scotland scored in the 19th, 49th, and 69th minute.  I figured it was all over, until Argentina scored in the 74th, 75th, and had a penalty in the 79th minute.  This was stopped by the goalkeeper, only to find on VAR that she had brought both feet out of the goal line, so it had to be retaken, and she got a yellow card for it.  Second time the penalty went in.  It ended up being a draw, so poor Scotland were bottom of the group.

Both games totally changed in the second halves, which literally had me on the edge of my seat.

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