Stitches have gone, but I can only smile at home.

Wednesday ended up being a good day. I went for my appointment at the dermatologist, and they were on time, which was a lovely surprise.

The lady had everything ready, so I sat back in the chair, and closed my eyes.

She looked at the inside of the lip, and saw that it had formed a scab, even though I had put Vaseline on it several times a day.

She said it was a painful area, and that she would stop between them. Boy, did it hurt when she lifted each stitch on the lip.

I know she was as gentle as possible, but I was so happy when it was done.

It can take up to a month to completely heal, and I need to use Vaseline several times a day. I asked about the inside of the lip. She gave me a sample of an ointment to use on it.

I am still not sure when the swelling will be down enough to have my top dentures in. Until then my smile will only be at home.

I will start light exercise today.


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