Hubby’s surgery is Friday.

I called the electro-cardiologist’s office yesterday, as I hadn’t heard back from them.  The lady informed me that they had left a message on our answer machine Thursday afternoon.  I was in most of the time, but had done a little food shopping.  Hubby was home all afternoon.  I didn’t argue with her, but asked her what was happening.

She said that all the information so far is that he is having his defibrillator surgery Friday.  She still hasn’t a location, or time.  However, hubby needs to get blood work at the beginning of the week.

I said that they had all the information, as his blood is drawn at his G.P.’s office.  I was to make the appointment.  I waited until later in the day, so that they would have the information, and of course they didn’t.

As we hadn’t got the script for testing, and whether it was fasting, or not, I made it for Tuesday morning.  I will have to check again on Monday, and make sure that everything is in order, before he goes.

Thank goodness I am always on top of our health issues.



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