Boxing after 3 weeks was awesome.

We were to have our boxing class this morning, but it ended up that the key to the premises wasn’t available.  No problem, we went down to our regular gym, and I did a little upper body, one lady went to a class, and the other lady came in for a short time.

I was concerned about my ability to box this afternoon, with my trainer.  I have been eating normally since Sunday so assumed that I was a little stronger.

From the first punch, it was there.  We did fast, short bursts of punches, with a water/recovery break after each set.  This worked great for me.  I know I did so much better than I thought I would, and my trainer said, that there was no difference in my punching.

He didn’t gas me out after each set, and if he had suggested it, I would have said ‘Can we do it after the last set, as you won’t get anymore out of me’.  He knew my limitations, and said that he had no plans to do that today.

LoadMorePlate truly works with, and for their clients, and he knows me as well as I do myself.  He pushed me to my todays limits, and will get me back to where I was, in a very short time.

The above photo was before my surgery.



  1. So, so wish I could but 1 hour sorting college gear with my son yesterday meant I was sick with exhaustion for the evening. I try to take a 20 minute walk three times per week, some days its a toss up between cooking and the walk, can’t do both. I hate to say it but envy comes to mind! Continued return to great health! Le grà, Marie

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